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Merry Christmas Planner Printable Sale!

Printable Planner Pages on Sale


I wanted to do something for my readers for Christmas – and since I know A LOT of you love getting fun planners and printable pages, I decided to put everything in my shop on sale.

I have put all of my planner printables at a HUGE discount…some going from $12.89 down to $5.89, $7.89 to $4.89 and some are even as low as $0.99!

The personalized ones are still priced a little bit higher as it requires me to do a bit more, but any that are not personalized are even lower :)

I know that at this time of year we are all wanting to start the New Year off with a good start.  We have plans to be more organized and keep ourselves on track to do better in the new year.  So, having good planners pages is a great way to get that started right.


Goal Setting Workbooks for 2016

2016 Goal Setting Workbooks

Last year, I posted about some really great goal setting workbooks I had ordered for myself.  I never did do a follow up post, which I definitely should have, to show how it worked out for me…

So – better late then never…I filled out the workbook, working on it when it arrived, (such a happy day – I love getting fun stuff in the mail!), and then throughout the year.  I ordered the personal and business planner, which came with a wall calendar.  (I have to admit I didn’t use that calendar – but I should have!)



Coloring Books for Adults

Coloring Books for AdultsToday I am super excited about something fun I have been working on! I am sure you have all heard about the newest trend…adult coloring books. (No – not that kind of “adult”!)

Personally, I have always loved coloring. I find it relaxing, and I have spent many hours with my kids, nieces and nephews, coloring – even after they have lost interest. (I can’t leave a picture only half colored!) So, when I realized this new trend was for adult coloring books – with designs, and fun pages more geared towards the “older kid” in all of us, I was thrilled!!

Finally, no more having to color in the dark corners of my home, trying to convince children to sit and color with me so I don’t look like some kind of crazy lady!


How I Lost 20 Pounds – Part 2

Today I am posting the second part of my long post about tips and things I did to lose 20 pounds… can read the first post here – My Personal Weight Loss Story.

Here is the exact path I have followed for the past 6 months in case you want a bit more of an inside look. Like I said, I am no personal trainer, nutritionist or anything like that, so take it all for what it’s worth. These are just some things that I believe worked for me, and maybe can help you out too:

  • The very first thing I did was put a shout out on Facebook to see if there was anyone else wanting to lose some weight who would maybe like to make some kind of a challenge. I ended up with a few people who wanted to, and we each threw in $20. We decided we would have 2 winners – the one who lost the most weight and the one who lost the most inches total. Since I had arranged it, people gave me their numbers and I kept them all privately. At the end, everyone sent their numbers in and I added it all up. It was just a friendly challenge, and each winner ended up with over $100, so they were pretty happy!
  • I had set up a private Facebook group that we used to encourage and help each other, and it was a great way to get me going. Some people used things like 21 Day Challenge or P90X, others went to the gym, and we all shared ideas for healthier eating and things like that.
  • After that challenge was over, (6 weeks), my sister-in-law wanted to try losing some weight from just having a baby. So she became my “partner”, and we both went and got gym memberships. This worked great because neither one of us wanted to be the one to say we didn’t want to go that day, so we always ended up going. And once we got there, we always had fun – it was just tough to make ourselves go sometimes!
  • We got a personal trainer to help us for a few weeks when we felt we were starting to flounder a bit. We were starting to plateau and were finding ourselves ready to give up, so needed a boost to keep going.
  • Now, I am still working at it.  I still do cardio a bit, but my main focus has been weight training. I don’t do the giant barbell lifting or anything like that. I use dumbbells at home, used the gym equipment when I was there, bodyweight workouts, (things like pushups, crunches etc. which are still likely some of the most effective exercises anyone can do!), resistance bands, fitness balls – all of these things, finding the exercises that work out all muscles, following the training set out in so many places I have learned from. I have learned the importance of rest days so my muscles can repair, I learned not to exercise muscles on back to back days – do your own research on sites like

Did I diet?


My Personal Weight Loss Story

I don’t do a whole lot of personal posts, about myself or anyone else, unless it is showing off a DIY or something I have done. Or maybe to make my opinion on a subject known;) So today is a different post for me, one that I am doing after having quite a few people asking me to share what I have done over the past few months to lose over 20 pounds.

I am going to split it into 2 posts because it is a bit long!

Would you like to know my secret?

There isn’t one. Sorry! I do wish I could give you a complete “do-this”, “do-that” blueprint, but there isn’t one.

Losing Weight - Bad DaysIt has been hard. I have had to say no to a lot of things I wanted to eat. I had to make myself work out when I didn’t want to. I had to go out, sometimes in -30 weather while everyone stayed in where it was warm, to go to the gym and do what I had committed to myself I was going to do.

It took me well over a month to even start to see any kind of improvement at all. That first month was a time of learning what worked for me, and what didn’t. I researched, I studied what worked for others, and I began to find my own “groove”. And, I drank water – a lot. (more…)

South Hill Designs – Your Thoughts?

997080_292872647577671_6776449520172660408_nI am sure many of you have heard of South Hill Designs. I have always kind of had a thing for their lockets, but have never bought one for myself. I have seen others with them, and thought they were so cool!

I am not a big jewelry (I am not even sure how to spell that!) wearer, but I do have to admit loving the concept of wearing something that is kind of personal, that tells a story about yourself.

These lockets seem to be more than just a nice piece of jewelry to me, and I have often thought of actually signing up to sell them myself – even though I am not the kind of person to do parties, so not sure how good I would even be at it:)


10 Tips for Organizing Your Learning Disabled Student’s Study Space

Today I am thrilled to have a guest post by Katie Schellenberg, offered for parents of special needs students – a subject that is important for everyone to learn about….



 10 Tips for Organizing Your Learning Disabled Student’s Study Space

1. Colors are key. Keep everything in your house and organizational space color-coordinated. Many disabled learners are also visual learners and organizers,so color-coordinating activities, school subjects and after school activities are essential.

2. Introduce a large chalkboard or whiteboard into your home. There is nothing that keeps the whole family organized like a weekly calendar. Use it to schedule for all members of your family, utilizing color coordination to both organize plans and goals and create visual interest around the board.


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