Some Unique Home Decor Ideas

Just a peak at the chaos I am living in....while hiding a couple of the cool things that are done!

Just a peak at the chaos I am living in….while hiding a couple of the cool things that are done!

I have been super busy the past few weeks working on a complete kitchen renovation. It started out simply being me wanting to get a gas stove, (had one in our old house and I have been missing it ever since we moved!), and a farmhouse sink. Maybe some other small projects – including painting the cabinets, which turned out to be the biggest project I have ever tackled in my life, and given the kitchen a fresh coat of paint.

Well, as any of you who have ever attempted a small reno when they have a sickness like I do for coming up with even more ideas as you go, then you likely know that the project has morphed into a 2 month project now.

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Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge – Get Your Entries In Now!

Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist ChallengeAs many of my regular readers know, I don’t do a lot of sponsored posts or things like that. When I do, it is because it is to pass on information about an event or item that I think will be truly something my readers can use or get something out of. Today I am doing a post about something I think is such a great thing for kids – and I want to give all of my readers a chance to get their kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews….whoever else….involved!

A few weeks ago, our school had a science fair. I couldn’t believe how much the kids put into their projects. My daughter worked on hers religiously, wanting it to be the best possible. And, when I walked around the gym looking at all of the amazing projects the other kids in the grades 5-7 classes had done, I was pretty blown away. I honestly just didn’t think kids would take the time to put much effort in to their projects for a science fair that was mandatory for them to do for credit – but was I surprised!

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I Hope You Dance

I thought today would be a good day to finally reveal something I started doing this past fall that 3 years ago I would have never even considered possible!

It will also be a chance for me to encourage everyone reading to try something new – and not keep finding reasons why you shouldn’t:)

I have always wanted to take Irish dancing – and had thought about doing it when I was about 23 but I thought I was too old then.  I have never been overly co-ordinated or “graceful” so dancing just wasn’t something I had really imagined I could ever do.

Irish Dancing - Brandon MB

My first performance – 42 years old:)

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My Secret Resource: Where I Get Digital Artwork for My Printables…

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Prettiful Designs.  While I received either monetary or product compensation, all opinions are completely my own and truthful based on my personal experience and ongoing use of these products.*

I had mentioned in a previous post about making my free printables, that I had used some digital papers and clipart I bought off Etsy.  I buy the digital papers, clipart and whatever else I need, then use or another photo software I have on my computer.

Today I wanted to show you who I have bought my background papers and clipart through because I seriously love the stuff she has!  And, the best part is that her downloads are good for both personal and commercial use – which as a blogger is necessary for me to use the digital artwork in things I sell, give away or post on my site.

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Recipe Scrapbook in Honor of My Grandma

So the last few posts have been about my adventures with chalk paint – painting furniture all over my house like a madwoman!  Today’s post is about something a little different I did.

Grandma Recipe BookAs some of you know, my Grandma passed away this past November, just before Christmas.  As a gift to my mom and sister, I wanted to do something special for them to honor her.

Mom had given me Grandma’s old notebook that she had wrote down all of her favorite recipes over the years.  It was barely holding together, and was pretty much torn and wore out.  She wanted me to scan them so we would always have them.  I decided to go a step further, and I went through all of the pictures I had of Grandma over the years – from the day she was married until just a few weeks before she passed away.  I scanned all of those as well as the recipes.

Grandma Recipe BookI decided to put together a recipe book with all of Grandma’s scanned recipes in her own handwriting, with each page having a picture of her beside it.

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Another Painted Furniture Project – An Old Schoolhouse Cupboard

Painted Furniture Project - Schoolhouse Hutch into Dining Room HutchFor my final chalk paint project, (for now…), I decided to completely redo an old cabinet that was sitting out in my brother’s workshop on the farm.  It was a storage cupboard from the old schoolhouse that had been torn down in the 1960′s out near where our farm is.  Apparently, it would have been where the teacher would have kept the chalk brushes, papers and things like that.

My mom had picked it up at a sale years ago, and it had always sat in our porch with things in it for gardening and whatever else would fit.  When my parents renovated a few years ago, the cupboard got moved out to an old shed that was nothing but a dirt floor.  It sat in there for awhile, and my brothers used it to put old parts off machinery in it and who knows what else!

We decided to try cleaning it up and use it in our dining room because the old shed is being tore down this spring.  I hated to see it just fall to ruin.

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My Oak Dining Room Table Makeover

Oak Dining Room Table MakeoverAfter doing all of my “practice” furniture pieces with the chalk paint, I decided I was ready to do the big project I had been wanting to do all along – my oak dining room table.

Painting Furniture - Oak Table Makeover My house has golden oak hardwood floors, I have 2 china cabinets in the dining room that are oak – and my table and chairs were…yep, you guessed it! Golden Oak!

It was getting to the point I didn’t even want to be in that room because I felt like it was all just one big piece of golden oak hell!

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