South Hill Designs – Your Thoughts?

997080_292872647577671_6776449520172660408_nI am sure many of you have heard of South Hill Designs. I have always kind of had a thing for their lockets, but have never bought one for myself. I have seen others with them, and thought they were so cool!

I am not a big jewelry (I am not even sure how to spell that!) wearer, but I do have to admit loving the concept of wearing something that is kind of personal, that tells a story about yourself.

These lockets seem to be more than just a nice piece of jewelry to me, and I have often thought of actually signing up to sell them myself – even though I am not the kind of person to do parties, so not sure how good I would even be at it:)

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10 Tips for Organizing Your Learning Disabled Student’s Study Space

Today I am thrilled to have a guest post by Katie Schellenberg, offered for parents of special needs students – a subject that is important for everyone to learn about….



 10 Tips for Organizing Your Learning Disabled Student’s Study Space

1. Colors are key. Keep everything in your house and organizational space color-coordinated. Many disabled learners are also visual learners and organizers,so color-coordinating activities, school subjects and after school activities are essential.

2. Introduce a large chalkboard or whiteboard into your home. There is nothing that keeps the whole family organized like a weekly calendar. Use it to schedule for all members of your family, utilizing color coordination to both organize plans and goals and create visual interest around the board.

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Happy New Year (OK – A Week Late…)

So…it’s a new year – what resolutions, habits, and goals have you set for yourself?

I just received my “2015 Create Your Shining Year” goals workbook, and am going to be sitting down and writing all of mine out for the next 12 months. I am pretty excited – if you haven’t got one yet, you can read more about it in my last post here….

I have also been busy working on some new planner pages, and have added some new things to these ones.

One that I think is pretty cool is a “habit page”. The experts always say that if you do something repeatedly for at least 21 days straight, it will become a habit.

New Year’s resolutions always have people wanting to give up bad habits, but I figured why not try building some good ones too?

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Fun, Colorful Goal Setting Workbooks

So as many of you know, I am a huge believer in writing things down to plan….and that includes writing down your goals, wishes, hopes etc.

I have been using my planner pages that I sell in my Etsy shop, which I have had printed and bound at Staples. (I have received some great pictures and feedback from others who have done the same – thank you to everyone who has sent me the pics of your finished planners with my pages:) It has helped me tremendously to have things written down, to see my day planned out and to stay on task.

However, I still have goals and things I have hoped to achieve, that I haven’t reached yet.

And I am planning on making 2015 my year to make big changes.

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The Pinterest Predicament – Why I Hate the Site I Love!

Yesterday I made a post about the 12 week organizing challenge I am working through to get my home and my life a bit more in order. I would like to share an epiphany I had while working through the past couple of weeks…..and it has to do with everyone’s favorite site – Pinterest!

The Pinterest Predicament - Why I Hate the Site I Love!Now, we all love Pinterest, of that there can be no question….Can you imagine our lives before Pinterest? How did we ever plan our weddings before this site came into being?? (I think all of us who were married pre-Pinterest should get another go at it!).

How did we ever decorate cakes and homes for our kids parties? I sure know I never could have created such cool gifts for the kids teachers!

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Get Organized In 12 Weeks!

12 Week Get Organized ChallengeIt’s that time of year….trying to do your fall house cleaning, getting the house ready to be decorated for the holidays. I always dread the fall house cleaning because over the summer, things just start to get dumped wherever convenient because no one wants to be bothered taking the time to put stuff away. We are in and out, busy doing fun summer activities and unfortunately the house suffers.

Now, I am not what you would ever call an obsessive housekeeper. My house at any given time has somewhere that I would be hugely embarassed if a guest ever stopped by unannounced and went into that room. I clean one room – and normally have 5 more that look like a circus has drove through and just discarded the left over crap all over my floors. No one ever puts anything away, and quite frankly some days I just can’t even keep up with it all.

So, with that in mind, it has always been a challenge trying to get myself organized. And then actually keeping things that way.

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…And Now – Inside My Kid’s Personalized Planners

Personalized Kids PlannersYesterday, I did a post about my planner that I had made using some of my planner printables I sell in my shop. I promised today to show you the planners I had made up for my daughters at the same time:)

They chose their covers from ones I had made already, (that are all selling here…), and had them printed on the same stiffer cardstock paper I had mine done on. The binding at Staples, where we had them done, includes a plastic cover over top and the black plastic cover for the back of the planner.

Monthly Kids Planner PagesI did the same as mine, and made them up for 6 months worth of monthly, weekly and daily pages.

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