Planner Printable Blowout

After having my blog hacked, and then moving it – I have lost all of my images from posts back over time.  Which, with over 100 posts I would need to re-add the pictures to, I’m not going to try fixing.

I have been writing a lot, focusing my efforts on building my business as an author.  I write in a couple of romance genres, under different pen names, and it has taken all of my time.

With that in mind I will likely be letting this blog and FB group eventually go…and that includes my planner printables.  I have had SO many people make use of them but it just isn’t something I can focus on any more.  The software I was using to create them is now on my old PC which has finally conked out.  And I don’t have the option to install it on my Mac.

So, as I was going through some of my old files, I came across some really fun designs I had always planned to put up to sell, but obviously forgot.  I decided to put them all together, along with all of my most popular designs that don’t require personalization and let people get them all together.

I am sure there are many, many others out there who like to change things up as much as I do, so this way, they can download everything and have them on their computers to use and change however they want.

There are inside page, outside pages, divider pages…all to be printed at home or taken to a local office store.  **I can’t be responsible for helping anyone with printing.  These are all various sizes, but can be made to print at just about any size.  Every printer is different – and depending on what you want and what you have for a printer, will be what you need to do for your own pages.

I don’t know how long I will keep everything up – so if there is something you were wanting, you can get them all now by clicking here….Printable Planner Pages Bundle.

They are only $4.99 US – seriously good deal for more printable pages than you could ever use.

*These can be made into gifts for friends, used however you want – as long as the digital files are not shared.

Here are some pictures to show you what all is included….

Click here to get the printable bundle while it is still available….

Merry Christmas Planner Printable Sale!

Printable Planner Pages on Sale


I wanted to do something for my readers for Christmas – and since I know A LOT of you love getting fun planners and printable pages, I decided to put everything in my shop on sale.

I have put all of my planner printables at a HUGE discount…some going from $12.89 down to $5.89, $7.89 to $4.89 and some are even as low as $0.99!

The personalized ones are still priced a little bit higher as it requires me to do a bit more, but any that are not personalized are even lower🙂

I know that at this time of year we are all wanting to start the New Year off with a good start.  We have plans to be more organized and keep ourselves on track to do better in the new year.  So, having good planners pages is a great way to get that started right.

With that in mind – I wanted everyone to have a chance to get my planner pages at a ridiculously low price…my Christmas gift to you!

I have lowered the prices on everything…adult planner pages, kids planner pages, healing journal pages…they are all on sale.

So – I hope you will take advantage of my sale, and get the pages you have maybe always wanted!  Print them out and put them in a fun binder, or get them bound at your local Staples like I have done.

They also make GREAT Christmas gift ideas.  Many of the designs can be personalized with a name.  You can take them and have them printed and bound into something wonderful for anyone who needs a little help staying organized.

Here are some links to just a few of the designs on sale to give you an idea….

Live For Today Planner Printables – Just $2.99!

Colorful Polka-Dot – Can Be Personalized…Just $4.89

Fun Kids Personalized Planner – Just $4.89

Week At A Glance & Menu Planner (Which is included free in some design packages) – Just $0.99

Huge Set of Fun Home & Life Planner Printables – Just $2.89

Another Big Set of Vintage Home & Life Planner Printables – Can Be Personalized…Just $4.89

Healing Journal – Can Be Personalized – Just $5.89

Take a look through the shop at Marie Pugh Designs, pick out your favorites, and finish your Christmas shopping!

I always love seeing how other people use their planner pages, so if you get some – make sure you send me some pictures of how you are using them!

Another Huge Set of Vintage Home & Life Printables – Can Be Personalized…Just $4.89

Goal Setting Workbooks for 2016

2016 Goal Setting Workbooks

Last year, I posted about some really great goal setting workbooks I had ordered for myself.  I never did do a follow up post, which I definitely should have, to show how it worked out for me…

So – better late then never…I filled out the workbook, working on it when it arrived, (such a happy day – I love getting fun stuff in the mail!), and then throughout the year.  I ordered the personal and business planner, which came with a wall calendar.  (I have to admit I didn’t use that calendar – but I should have!)


After doing the workbooks, I honestly found myself much more focused on what I wanted my next year to be…what I wanted to achieve, things I hoped to change or improve – I really, honestly learned so much just by sitting down, thinking about my answers honestly, and writing it down!

It made such a difference in my year.  And, I’m not just saying that.

  • I was able to stay on a path of being more fit and eating better (for the most part).  I ended up losing weight, and was able to keep it off.
  • I found myself feeling less stress…and I know a lot of it was from just writing things out, not having everything in my head that I hoped to do “someday.”
  • And, the biggest thing was my whole attitude change towards what I wanted to do for business goals.  I had always wanted to write, and make a living from my writing.  But, that’s a pretty lofty goal!

I wrote out my plans, figured out what I wanted, what was important to me, what I needed to change, do and improve to make it happen….

Just about a month after doing the initial planning, I found a mentor who I normally would have just told myself “well, someday I will do it, but not right now. because the course she was offering wasn’t cheap. And, I almost did that, but something pushed me forward – which I believe was working through everything in the workbooks at the time – and I signed up with her continuing now for almost 8 months.

**In February, I sat down and plotted out my first book.  In June, I published it on Amazon.

Now, I have 3 books and a short story published, as well as a freebie I give away on my author website.  (Under my pen name).

I have a second pen name set up in contemporary romance genre, (all still through the course and mentoring I have been taking), with one book ready to publish next week.

And, I am making money every month from my books – which was exactly what I had wrote in my goals books that I wanted to do!

There have been so many good things that came from the action of sitting down and doing these workbooks.  I found out things about myself that I wanted to make better, things I hoped for my life, and other great things I can’t explain unless you have done goal setting yourself.

Goal Setting Workbooks 2016

I seriously want you all to have that chance!  If you don’t have a business, you only need the personal book.  But I guarantee you will see some huge results just from it alone!

If you do have a business, or are wanting to start one – and that can be anything – the business goal setting book will change your whole mindset and outlook!  My “business” is writing…some people have businesses like Beachbody, South Hill Designs, Thirty-One Gifts…some have blogging and online businesses – there are so many things we are doing as women, and these workbooks can make such an incredible difference to your lives!!

I wanted to let you know they are available now for 2016.  I am ordering mine today.

*Here is the link to go and take a look at it all for yourself….

But, they are selling fast, because anyone who has bought previously generally reorders again the next year🙂

If you can – get the print version to come in the mail.  These are just such great books to hold in your hands and feel inspired to write in.

But if you can’t afford it, then just get the digital versions…..just make sure you do them!!!

This year, you can also get a day planner that looks amazing – and you all know what a sucker I am for a good planner!

This one has tons of fun color and lots of room for keeping track and writing down the important things for your day.

Please – do yourself a favour if you want to see some amazing changes in your life for 2016, and get these books.  I really do believe in them!!

*These also make great Christmas gift ideas for someone in your life who you know could use them!

Scroll through the page, take a look through the videos showing the insides…(just be warned, Leonie is a little “out there” but she knows her stuff and is a tremendous artist – creating these books.)

**If you do order them – through my link (Yes, I will get a small commission for promoting them, but as you know, I never promote something I’m not using myself:), either let me know by emailing me or contacting me through my website, or commenting below, and I will set up a small group for us to work on them together and to motivate and inspire each other throughout the year🙂

Make the conscious decision that you are worth this investment….if you think the cost is too much, you will always find reasons to stay where you are in your life…I wouldn’t be recommending these if I hadn’t seen first hand what a difference they make.

**Click here if you want to make some amazing changes in your life to make 2016 the best year you have ever had!!!

Coloring Books for Adults

Coloring Books for AdultsToday I am super excited about something fun I have been working on! I am sure you have all heard about the newest trend…adult coloring books. (No – not that kind of “adult”!)

Personally, I have always loved coloring. I find it relaxing, and I have spent many hours with my kids, nieces and nephews, coloring – even after they have lost interest. (I can’t leave a picture only half colored!) So, when I realized this new trend was for adult coloring books – with designs, and fun pages more geared towards the “older kid” in all of us, I was thrilled!!

Finally, no more having to color in the dark corners of my home, trying to convince children to sit and color with me so I don’t look like some kind of crazy lady!

In all seriousness, it actually is very relaxing. And really….why do we give up on a task like coloring just because we are getting older? I mean really! We are FINALLY able to stay in the lines when we get older, so why do we stop doing it??

So….because you all know how much I love designing stuff and playing around with software, I figured why not throw my own designs out there? Make ones that I would personally love to color.

My girls and I bought a coloring book for adults in the local bookstore earlier this summer. We thought it would be a great, fun summer project we could all work on. It has been fun, but we are finding a lot of the pages to be just SO time consuming, we find it hard to keep at it sometimes!

Some days it would just be nice to sit down and complete a design or a page without having 5 million leaves to color. And, the one we chose has A LOT of leaves and trees. That’s great for people like us who just pretended it was some magical land that has leaves and trees of every color, but for the more sane colorers, it might be a bit boring coloring with nothing but various shades of greens and browns.

Sometimes it is just fun to color a design that has no rhyme or reason, no righth or wrong, and just let your colorful self show through!

While researching, I discovered mandalas. Here is what I have as the description on my books about what mandalas are…

Mandalas are circular designs with no beginning or end, and have long been thought of to have healing properties, promote wholeness, well-being and unlimited potential.

Once I figured out to make them, I spent a few days coming up with some fun designs, spent even more days trying to figure out how to format everything and publish them on Amazon.

Here is what I ended up creating….

Volume 1 - Mandala Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults

Volume 1 - Mandala Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults
Volume 1 – Mandala Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults
Volume 2 - Mandala Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults
Volume 2 – Mandala Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults

Not maybe as “intricate” or “fancy” as the professional designers who do this kind of stuff all the time, (and who have the marketing know how to promote and get their books in front of everyone in the world!) – but I was pretty darn proud of what I created just the same!

I am now working on some new kind of designs using graphics that I have to make new books – including some Zentangle designs (you can Google it), flowers, quotes – and who knows what else!

Free Coloring Pages for AdultsIf you would like to try some of my Mandala designs, I have some free pages available – you can sign up to get them at

If you love to color, I would be happy beyond belief if you supported another mom, and gave one of my books (or both!) a try!

And, if you don’t love to color – you really should sit down and try it. If you haven’t colored since you were a kid, you just might find out how relaxing and fun it really is. You can let your inner child free, your inner artist – and whatever else you might be holding inside!!

It’s fun, it’s calming – and it’s fun to do with your kids – especially if they are getting older and coloring in children’s coloring books just isn’t something they want to do anymore. My kids and I have had so much fun this summer working on the book we have.

And, now they are working through the ones I made!

**If you do purchase any of my coloring books, it would be wonderful if you could go back and leave a review! (It helps to boost my book up to be able to compete at least a little bit with the “big guys”🙂

Happy coloring everyone!!!!

Here are the links again to my Mandala coloring books….

Volume 1 – Mandala Coloring Pages for Adults (One mandala design per page)

Volume 2 – Mandala Coloring Pages for Adults (More than one design per page)

How I Lost 20 Pounds – Part 2

Today I am posting the second part of my long post about tips and things I did to lose 20 pounds… can read the first post here – My Personal Weight Loss Story.

Here is the exact path I have followed for the past 6 months in case you want a bit more of an inside look. Like I said, I am no personal trainer, nutritionist or anything like that, so take it all for what it’s worth. These are just some things that I believe worked for me, and maybe can help you out too:

  • The very first thing I did was put a shout out on Facebook to see if there was anyone else wanting to lose some weight who would maybe like to make some kind of a challenge. I ended up with a few people who wanted to, and we each threw in $20. We decided we would have 2 winners – the one who lost the most weight and the one who lost the most inches total. Since I had arranged it, people gave me their numbers and I kept them all privately. At the end, everyone sent their numbers in and I added it all up. It was just a friendly challenge, and each winner ended up with over $100, so they were pretty happy!
  • I had set up a private Facebook group that we used to encourage and help each other, and it was a great way to get me going. Some people used things like 21 Day Challenge or P90X, others went to the gym, and we all shared ideas for healthier eating and things like that.
  • After that challenge was over, (6 weeks), my sister-in-law wanted to try losing some weight from just having a baby. So she became my “partner”, and we both went and got gym memberships. This worked great because neither one of us wanted to be the one to say we didn’t want to go that day, so we always ended up going. And once we got there, we always had fun – it was just tough to make ourselves go sometimes!
  • We got a personal trainer to help us for a few weeks when we felt we were starting to flounder a bit. We were starting to plateau and were finding ourselves ready to give up, so needed a boost to keep going.
  • Now, I am still working at it.  I still do cardio a bit, but my main focus has been weight training. I don’t do the giant barbell lifting or anything like that. I use dumbbells at home, used the gym equipment when I was there, bodyweight workouts, (things like pushups, crunches etc. which are still likely some of the most effective exercises anyone can do!), resistance bands, fitness balls – all of these things, finding the exercises that work out all muscles, following the training set out in so many places I have learned from. I have learned the importance of rest days so my muscles can repair, I learned not to exercise muscles on back to back days – do your own research on sites like

Did I diet?

I was very careful about what I ate. Smaller plates, no going back for seconds, I would make up vegetable stir fry’s almost every supper with a mixture of cut veggies I had in the fridge to cover most of my plate, no pop – I only drank water, coffee and green tea, never skipped breakfast, ate healthy snacks throughout the day, no sugar, made sure I was getting a lot of protein, and just learned to say no to a lot of things I was craving sometimes.

Supplements & Powders?

When I started out doing strength training, I was learning a lot from They recommended supplements and things you could take to help you. Some of them I used, some I didn’t. (These aren’t anything like steroids or weight loss drugs though!!)

What I used, and still use are:

Protein Powder – I use GNC Whey Iso Burst protein powder. I went in and talked with the guys in the store and we discussed what I wanted to do and they helped me pick out something that would be good for me. If you don’t have a store near you, you can always order online.

BCAA or Branch Chain Amino Acids – I am not even going to try explaining what these do – so I will just point you to an article that explains WAY better than I ever could…..

I do believe taking them has helped me, but you can decide on your own what you think. I use one from GNC as well, but Bodybuilding has lot’s of great deals.

*I do recommend doing your research, and buy from a reputable site. Bodybuilding is dedicated to this stuff so that is why I feel safe recommending to order from them.  Here is a link to their store if you would like to order some of your own.

Multivitamins – Yep, just basic multivitamins to make sure my body was getting everything it needed. Some of you might already be taking them, but I wasn’t so this was something I started doing.

How To Lose Weight Infographic
Want a quick summary of some of the things I did – short little tips that helped me? Well here ya go! (In no particular order – just the order I thought of them as I was writing:) I am sure there are other things I have forgotten but these were some of the main things I wanted to share.

There is nothing “earth shattering” here – just tried and true things that sometimes people forget when trying to find that “magic pill” that will make it all easier😉
**Eat smaller portions – use a small plate. It works.

**Drink water.

**Cut out sugar wherever you can.

**Cut out all pop – even diet.

**Drink green tea – I drank a cup of flavored green tea every night to help me from feeling hungry:)

**Weight/strength train – don’t spend all of your time doing cardio! When you start doing some research you will learn so much about the benefits of weight training over just cardio!!

**Drink water.

**If you stumble and have a bad day or even a bad week….don’t stop! Get back at it the next day.

**Have someone who is willing to motivate you, hold you accountable and hopefully even do it with you! This will be the best thing you can do for yourself.

**Don’t expect it to happen overnight. It likely won’t even happen in the first month – (at least that you will notice!). But all of a sudden, everything will start coming off and you couldn’t stop it if you tried:) You just need to hang in there for those first few weeks
when you feel like you are doing it all for nothing!!!

**Make healthier choices, but don’t obsess about only eating vegetables, or no carbs after a certain time. All of that matters, but when you are just learning and starting out, worrying about all of that can cause you to just give up out of the sheer feeling of being overwhelmed. Choose healthier foods when you can, use a smaller plate, and have a larger serving of vegetables than anything else on your plate when you can:)

**Drink water.

**Use only coconut oil or olive oil for cooking everything.

**Eat protein – eggs, (don’t worry about eating the yokes…my way of thinking is that all of the generations before us ate eggs every day and lived way longer than people today are!), find a Greek yogurt with a flavor you enjoy and will eat, tuna, peanut butter…and yes,
don’t be afraid to use protein powder! Make your own shake or smoothie after a workout, or you can even buy premade protein shakes that actually taste good!

**Make a motivation wall or board on Pinterest. I had a sheet with the weights that I could cross off as I lose each pound. Seeing those numbers get marked off was a huge motivation for me. I also had a private Pinterest board that I used to keep all of the quotes I needed
when I was struggling.

**Don’t compare yourself to the fitness models you see on the fitness sites or Pinterest. Just work to get yourself to the best you that you can be.

**Have I mentioned….drink water? That is literally about all I drank for the first 4 months I was doing this. (Except for my coffee and green teas:) If I went out for a meal, I got a water. When I got together with others, I had water. I bought a ton of the flavored water additives, like Mio, Crystal Light etc. for when I wanted some flavor – (don’t come on telling me about the hazards of these because I did what I had to do to keep me on track and feel like I was giving myself a treat now and then!). But, most of the time it was just plain cold water. I made my own flavored waters lots of times – with cucumber, strawberry, lemon, and things like that. Delicious!!

**Buy a great water bottle you can use to refill throughout the day to carry around with you to make sure you are drinking enough water.

**Get your vegetables for the week and cut them all up before putting them in the fridge. Having them precut and ready to use makes it so easy to throw together a small stir fry to have with your lunch, or grill some veggies in the oven for your supper. When they are cut and ready, they are so much easier for you to grab and you will actually use them!

**Use spices! Your food doesn’t have to be boring to be healthy!

**Eat breakfast. Seriously – have a good breakfast or you will be starving by lunch time and you will pig out. Plus it gets your metabolism moving🙂

**Snack. Eat healthy snacks and don’t let yourself get hungry. When you are hungry, you will have less willpower and you will overeat when you do eat next.

**Stop making excuses and letting yourself off the hook when you don’t think you can do it.

**And, really….just drink water, OK?

Some Free Food Journal Printables For You!

Other people swear by keeping food logs of everything you eat. I believe this works great too – but I was no good at keeping track. If you want some fun food logs, here are some I made for my sister in law that she has been using…(you can click on them directly or right-click and choose “Save Image As…”)



Are you committed, or just thinking short term?

Basically, it will all come down to you and your own motivation. You need to decide that you really want to do it, and don’t let yourself make excuses. It will be so easy to let yourself say things to explain why you ate badly that day, or find reasons why you couldn’t work out – but you are only hurting yourself by letting these excuses win.

Find something you can enjoy and don’t stress too much about doing everything by the book. If you are stressing out and doing things that are completely unnatural for you, then you won’t stick with it. You will find out as you go what works and what doesn’t work for you.

My best tip is to find your “why”. Why do you want to lose weight? Do you want to just be healthier? Are you wanting to change and teach your kids to be healthier? You have to have a good why. If you don’t really care, and are just going through a phase, and you don’t plan on making it a lifestyle change for life, then you won’t stick with it. Find a good why – for your kids, for your health, even something like wanting to be able to buy a new wardrobe, I don’t know!

And, find someone to help keep you going. You will want to give up and cheat, or make excuses a lot. Find someone who won’t let you, and who is maybe working as hard as you are.

You can do it. Once you stop believing all the crap out there promising easy, fast methods with no work involved, you will be able to start making small changes that will all start to add up.

Good luck!!!!

*I have recommended Bodybuilding as a good resource for protein powders and supplements – here is a link to their store….

**Also take a look through some of the Beachbody programs – they have some great, fun at home workouts!  Click here to see what all there is…..


I am in no way a professional trainer or fitness expert.  Everything I have shared here is my own experience.  I am not responsible for any injuries, sickness or anything that happens to you from following any of the information I have provided on this site. I can not be held responsible for anything you feel you have learned through my own personal posts.   Exercise should always be done carefully and at your own risk.  Do your own research and make your own decisions before ever trying any kind of supplements.  I do NOT recommend diet aids – there is no reason to ever use those when you can get better, safer and longer lasting results by simply following common sense lifestyle changes.

I may receive small financial compensation when products are purchased through links on my site.