Writing Prompts – Can Be Fun With Your Kids

Writing PromptsI found a website the other day that has some super cool writing prompts – especially useful for those days when you just don’t know what you want to talk about!!

I kind of browsed through them a bit, and since my kids were sitting in the room coloring, I started asking them some of the prompt questions to see how they would answer.

It is amazing how much you can learn just from simple questions. And, I was pretty accurate at predicting in my head how each of them would answer, so I guess it is true that every child has their own unique personality.

I asked them the question about if they had to live in one place, a library, museum or a zoo, for the rest of their lives, which one they would choose.

Both my daughters love to read. I knew my oldest would choose the library without a doubt. She always has her nose in a book, and takes one with her wherever she goes.

But, I wasn’t as sure with my youngest. She loves animals so much too – so I wasn’t surprised when she chose the zoo so she could look after the animals and they could keep each other company.

Do you ever sit down and ask any fun questions of your kids to get them thinking? What kinds of questions do you ask them?

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