Cool Sites for Photo Books, Personalized Greeting Cards & More!

So, today I have to say I am just a wee bit excited about a couple of sites I have found!

As some of you know, I was a consultant with Heritage Makers for a few years. I used to be a big fan of scrapbooking, but after kids, I just didn’t have time. Heritage Makers let me do digital books and other products without needing to set everything up in my house, allowing me to work on it whenever the kids were sleeping or whatever.

However, after throwing more and more money out having to keep club memberships, premier memberships, paying yearly “consultant” fees – (which apparently cover the costs of our websites, which I don’t believe for a second….I have been online a long time and there is no way they were paying that much for the website hosting and maintenance) – and the astronomical shipping costs to Canada, I have decided to jump off the sinking ship!

Anyway! Since I still want to be able to create photobooks and other great things as my kids grow up, I needed to find something that would be more in tune with what I am able to afford.

I actually found a couple of sites while looking up affiliate programs I could possibly join. (If you would like to know more about affiliate programs and how you can make money from them – let me know. I can do something up to give a bit more information about it).

Create Photo Books OnlineThe first one that I think looks pretty cool, is called Blurb.

I really like this one because you can actually create any kind of book – notebooks, journals, Blog books, instagram books – the list goes on…..and then if you want, you can offer it for sale on their marketplace. They even have an option to help you get it up on Apple’s iBookstore.

I have just been snooping around on the site, and I just keep finding even more cool things. There are different options for creating your book, you can make it into an ebook which is easy to read on an iPad, make books of photography……just a ton of ideas!

I am going to work on getting something done on here and will let you know for sure once I see the quality of the finished product as well as the prices and customer service.

But, from what I see and have found out from doing just a bit of checking online, Blurb is a very good online photobook, and even a self-publishing, resource.

**Here is just a sample of some cool ideas you can do with Blurb:

Make A Personalized Planner
Make A Personalized Planner


Turn Facebook Photos Into a Book
Turn Facebook Photos Into a Book
Make Instagram Photo Books
Make Instagram Photo Books

I am very excited to try it out!!

Another really cool site I found is called TinyPrints.

I was a bit confused with this one at first, because there are like 3 other sites it works with or something – and I couldn’t quite figure out what that was all about.

So after a bit of clicking and reading, I figured out that it works with Shutterfly to create photobooks and other really cool personalized photo products.

Personalized Greeting CardsBut, it also has a site, (called Treat), that is just cards – and the cards are great! I looked around on it a bit, and it appears there is even a way to have an account, and keep track of important dates that need cards given out – and have reminders sent out to you! Personalized greeting cards for every occasion.  

All of the cards can be completely personalized, and there are some very nice looking templates and cards you can use to make yours.

The third site with TinyPrints, (WeddingPaper Diva’s), is just for wedding stuff. You can create personalized invitations, save the date cards, thank you’s, programs, stationary…….really whatever you would need for a wedding.

I obviously won’t be using that service of TinyPrints myself, but I will for sure be telling any of my friends who are getting married about it!

But, I absolutely will be using the photobooks, personalized gifts and the card services!!

My problem now is just figuring out what to do first!!!

I hope you have as much fun and get as excited as I did going through the sites and getting all the ideas racing through your heads!!

*I did sign up for the affiliate programs for the sites above – which means if any of you are interested in checking them out, I will get a small percentage of anything you decide to buy through my links.  However, I would never promote anything unless I have used or plan on using myself – and only after thorough research first!!*
**I have another site I found that is a bit different – personalized story books for kids – which would make pretty cool Christmas gifts! I will tell you about that one in my next post!!**


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