Someone Please Invent A Year-Round Elf!!

Elf on the Shelf
This is where Holly our elf is hiding today…

I went and got my kids their very own Elf of the Shelf last week – and all I can say is….”WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!!!”

Oh how I love my little elf Holly!

My kids absolutely refuse to argue, fight, talk back – anything that will get them in trouble with the big guy – in front of their elf!

In fact, the first night she was in the house, my oldest daughter cleared off the table without asking, then came and asked me if I needed help with the dishes!

Any time it appears that there may be an argument about to break out….all I have to say is, “Oh no! Don’t forget Holly is watching and she has to tell Santa everything when she flies back home tonight!”

I am all for bribing kids when necessary, and totally OK with pulling out any means necessary to keep my sanity…and yes, that includes lying if needed.

This little elf has been a lifesaver – or at least in my case, a stress saver. And, other than a couple little mishaps – (one night she didn’t move to a new spot…oops!) and one small slipup when explaining to my brother that I just have to put it up high enough, (when he asked what happens if the dog gets it!), everything has ran much, much smoother around here this year.

Oh, we have always had Santa’s birds watching, and of course the deer that walk through our yard almost nightly, that have always been used to keep the kids on their best behavior – but nothing like Holly.

She is always here, and she is always watching. And, she goes home every night to report, so nothing gets missed!

I am missing her already – she has to fly back home on Christmas Eve.

I wonder if there would be a market for a year round elf of some kind…..I really need to get working on something! Anyone have any suggestions?!?!


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