Giveaway – 3 Month Membership to Top Mom Blogger

Top Mom Blogger - GiveawayToday I am very excited to be able to offer a 3 month membership to Top Mom Blogger – a tremendous resource for any blogger….new or experienced…to learn everything you could want to know about blogging.

I was given a month free to take a look around the site, and give my honest review – so here is my opinion of the blogging training site:

I have been blogging for awhile, but have only recently started to really try to learn as much as I can and put everything together about how to make money from my blogs. And, out of the many, (many!) guides, reports, posts I have read about blogging, I found that as I went around the site, I was learning some very cool little tips that I hadn’t heard anywhere else.

So, what exactly is Top Mom Blogger?

Top Mom Blogger - Boost

Well, it is a membership site, that offers several training sections and information for bloggers.  And, while it does sell itself as a “Mom Blogger” focus – I can’t see why anyone who wants to learn about blogging – mom, dad, single woman, college student…..couldn’t learn from this site.

The first thing I found inside was a section called the Training Library, that had the following sections –

  • Free Blog Articles & Training
  • Building Your Audience
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Content Inspiration
  • How To Monetize
  • Pitching & PR
  • Conversation & Controversy
  • Community
  • Blog Conferences
  • Guest Blogger Advice
  • Top Mom Blogger Challenge
  • Downloads

Each of these sections has articles and information you need if you want to grow your blog traffic and start making money from your blog.

Then, there is another section of audio training, followed by the video training section. There wasn’t an overwhelming amount of material yet, but they are planning on adding to the section each month. What was there though, was very good!

Top Mom Blogger - More Info

They plan on holding training calls on certain days, so there is also a section dedicated to information about that – and I believe that can be where a big part of the value in this site will come from. Being able to sit down and chat – and learn from the best, is an invaluable asset that you will have from being a member here.

Top Mom Blogger - Trisha & LynseyThe site itself is managed by 2 women bloggers, who have made a very good living from their blogging, and who openly share everything they know about being successful.

I honestly thought the site was amazing – not overwhelming like some training membership sites can be – just a very good flow of information that was truly useful.

I have been involved in a few sites that claim to offer help learning how to blog, and I can say with certainty that this site is going to be essential for those who really want to make blogging their career.

If you would love to have 3 months to get inside this membership site, you can enter below!!  (Come back and enter every day if you want, and send your friends!)
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**UPDATE:  The winner of the 3 month membership to Top Mom Blogger is….

Elizabeth Attwood – Rockabye Parents

UPDATE #2:  Elizabeth was a winner for the same giveaway on another blog, and the wonderful ladies at Top Mom Blogger have agreed to let her have 6 months free – and told me I could also give the 3 month paid membership to the runner up!!!  So, I would like to congratulate Maryann Ehmig DellaRocco of Matthew’s Puzzle!

You have also won 3 months to Top Mom Blogger!!

Congratulations!  I will be getting in touch with more information for you:-)

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