Cool Calendar Giveaway!!

It is no surprise that I am desperately working towards being more organized – not just in my home, but in my life in general as well.

I am terrible at remembering things. Not sure if it is from the chemo, age, lack of sleep or maybe a combination of it all!

I have a calendar on my desk, a large dry erase one near my phone, a regular calendar in my kitchen – as well as my calendar on my phone. And yet, I still can’t seem to keep track of things…and sometimes completely forget about appointments.

This has been one of my goals this year – to be more focused and to keep myself organized.

Today I want to talk about my new favorite calendar I have added to my arsenal.

Yearly Calendar Giveaway


NeuYear Calendar

This one is a yearly calendar, that makes it very easy to write down future appointments and events for the months ahead. The squares are big enough to write more than one thing.  And there is no spaces left between months – everything continues from one week to the other.

The big dry erase one that I currently use is nice – but I always had to write the things down for the months ahead on sticky notes, or on one of the other calendars – and then try to remember to transfer them over when that month is put up.  Having a yearly one all laid out is nice.

Yearly Calendar GiveawayAnd, this one is different than some of the other yearly calendars you might see in offices. It starts the week on the Monday, which I do have to admit kind of threw me off a bit when I first got it.

I spent one day thinking it was a different date because I forgot the Monday was the first day on the week…..but that really wasn’t a big deal, and now that I have used it a bit, it is much more practical to do it that way.

Another thing I like about this calendar is simply that it looks nice. It has nice colors, and it just doesn’t look so “stiff” and “officey”. (I realize that isn’t a real word, but you know what I mean!)

Yearly Calendar Giveaway

The calendar itself is printed horizontally on one side and vertically on the other, so no matter where you decide to put it, you can choose the best layout. I have mine in a little space beside my desk right now, but I am thinking it may actually take the place of my dry erase one in my “command center”. If I do move it, I will change it to the sideways layout because it will fit in better that way.

There is also the option of getting it with a dry erase coating, which is the one I would probably get next time. (I would rather be able to just erase anything that changes instead of having scribbles….that is very difficult to look at with my perfectionist personality disorder!)

But, I just really love it – it’s a great calendar for anyone who wants to get themselves more organized for the entire year.

Here is a picture of where it currently is – right by my desk….(excuse the mess and the dog who thinks she can get into my chair when I get up!)

Yearly Calendar Giveaway

Click here to go to the NeuYear Calendar site to see more pictures and read more about it……


**Just for readers of my blog, you can get 30% off the price by entering SupermomChallenged (code ends Feb 28, 2013 so hurry up and get yours!)

Not only that – but I am giving away calendars to 3 lucky winners – so make sure you enter below! The giveaway will run for one week – and the winners will be chosen at that time.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Heather St. Clair – Desperately Seeking Sanity

Sarah Davidson Kostusiak – Play 2 Learn with Sarah

Jen Marie – I’m Your Huckleberri

Congratulations ladies!

5 thoughts on “Cool Calendar Giveaway!!

  1. Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway… I am such an organization freak (in a good way) that I would love to put this in a great spot so we know what the whole year looked like in a glance🙂 thank again

    Jen Marie


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