Oh I Wish I Had an Office!

I have been working online for awhile now – mostly doing writing jobs, and some editing work.  I have done ghostwriting for other marketers, written web copy for clients, as well as doing writing for my own blogs and websites.

It is a real struggle sometimes to find a space that allows you to concentrate completely on your work, without being sidetracked by the pile of laundry sitting by the stairs, the dust bunnies staring at you from the TV stand, the noise from the kids dancing with the Wii – among a million other distractions!

I have tried setting my desk up everywhere.  I started out in the basement.  I HATE basements – they are cold, dark and depressing.  It was very hard to motivate myself to go work down there and make myself stay working.  I hated it.

So when I got my laptop, I moved up to the dining room table.  Well, that was a pain – having to clear everything up and move it somewhere when it was time to sit down and eat.  It wasn’t “my” space.

We decided to buy a little desk with doors that you could hide your computer away when you weren’t using it, and put it in the living room.  That is where I have been now for the past couple years.  But, it just wasn’t working either.

My desk became the dumping ground for everyone.  There was wrappers from the kids snacks, papers of my husbands that needed filing, mail – just general junk that no one ever bothers to put away….(that’s a story for another day!).  When I would sit down to work, I felt overwhelmed just having so much mess around me all the time.  And, the desk wasn’t very big, so by the time I had my monitor, lamp and paper basket, there was not a lot of room for anything else.

So, fast forward to this weekend and me spending hours pouring through desks and spaces on Pinterest.  (My husband HATES when I get onto Pinterest – I always get these brilliant ideas!!)  I found a couple I really liked, with calm colors and nice neat desk areas.  But, we just don’t have any extra rooms – unless I want to go back to the basement, which isn’t happening!!

(I would post the pictures to the ones I liked, but I can’t find the original source!  One leads to a site that isn’t in english, so I can’t tell if it is theirs or not – and the other one just leads to the picture file!)

My husband, who has been such a trooper, moving me around and trying to help me find a spot that is “mine” where I can have some quiet and feel motivated to sit and work.  And a place where I can feel a bit more inspired when I am writing than sitting in the living room among the chaos of my daily life.

Work from home work spaceYesterday, we pulled an old desk of his that he had when he was in school, from the basement and moved our bedroom around a bit to make room for it right in front of the window.

At least in my room, I can focus just on my work, without all of the other stuff going on around me.  And when I am downstairs – I don’t need to keep feeling the need to be doing more work because the computer is right there.

It isn’t perfect.  And, someday when I am rich, I will add a sunroom/office onto my house just for me:-)  But for right now, I love it.  I can have the window open with nice fresh air….(yes, even right now in the middle of winter – I love it!) and in the summer I will be able to hear the birds and all of the other wonderful summer noises and smells.

Where is your home office?  Do you have your own “space” or are you able to separate your work from home easily?

3 thoughts on “Oh I Wish I Had an Office!

  1. Oh I am so with you on this one. As I try to write my first novel it has happened all over the house. Someday when I am rich (hahaha) I’d love a neutral but girly space, not just a desk but a cozy comfortable space. A place where romance can be written, I can focus on what I want/need to write and I can shut the door…
    Carrie at Just Mildly Medicated


    1. Wouldn’t that be nice?! Being able to paint in colors that don’t need to be approved by anyone else…..you can hang any pictures or art you want on the walls…have a nice quiet, comfy place that is all your own…..oh sigh!!! I hope all of us moms who are working at home ARE rich someday just so that we can afford our own little place in the world:-)


  2. Hi Marie. I originally started my blog in 2010 because I wanted an income stream to be set by the time I had children, so I could stay home with them. It did not end up going exactly as planned. 3.5 years later, my blog does not make money…. and I turn 40 this year with no kids nor even a boyfriend or sperm donor in mind. I did adopt 2 cute little furballs and saved them from an animal shelter. So they are my kids (lol) . But the funny thing is that when i sat down with my bestie and put together a business plan for this blog, I told her my goals for it. The following week, we met a couple at a yoga class who had financially retired in their 20s and they are now teaching us to build an asset so we can retire as well. I was encouraged to keep up my blog and dayjob so that one day, i could blog for the fun of it and have an asset that would be making me money in the background. That couple now have a beautiful set of twin girls and are both stay at home parents. That is my dream now.

    And my office is still in my bedroom, with furrballs crawling all over it🙂


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