Would A Few Broken Bones Be Worth It?

Yesterday was a day off school for the girls……in fact, they only go to school one Monday in the whole month of February! (I’m not complaining – I LOVE long weekends!)

Sledding - No FearWe ended up going sledding with some friends, and it was a lot of fun. It is so amazing watching kids throw themselves down a steep hill on a slippery object that takes them racing to the bottom at break neck speeds – without any fear whatsoever!

I asked my oldest at supper last night if she ever felt scared or if she ever even thought about what might happen if she fell off or whatever. Nope. She has a plan in place apparently, and she will just jump off if things get too dicey.

She has no concept of what can happen – or the fact that she wouldn’t be able to even have the time to think about jumping off!

No Fear KidsI wish I could go back to being a kid sometimes and live just having fun and not worrying at all about the “what could happens”! Just have fun for the sake of having fun.

But, I knew for a fact that if I threw myself onto a crazy carpet and flew down that hill, there was going to be serious implications today – if not immediately, (in the form of broken limbs…). I knew I would be hurting today, and as fun as it looked, and as much as all the kids seemed to think it would be hilarious for me to go down “just once”, I just couldn’t get the thoughts out of my head about how much pain was likely to be involved.

Ahhhhh…..the price of getting older. We realize we can get hurt, and it is a lot easier for our bodies to break. But oh, how I wish I could jump on a sled and race down a hill without any fear just one more time!!

Are you able to let go of your fear and do crazy things you wouldn’t have thought twice about when you were a kid? Or, are you like me, and think only of the possible broken bones and sore, aching muscles you would have to live with as a result?

3 thoughts on “Would A Few Broken Bones Be Worth It?

  1. We will never know until we get there. But there’s nothing wrong to try exciting things out, you just need to be very careful. If it happens that you acquire injuries, I guess that’s part of having fun. At least you made your kids happy for the time spent with them doing the activity even if you know you’ll do no good at it.


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