My Embarrassing Mom Confession….

Today, I have a small confession to make.  It won’t come as much of a surprise to those who know me as it may to others….

The sad truth is that….I really get no enjoyment whatsoever from baking. In fact, and people are always so amazed when I share this little secret…..I have nothing at all in my cupboard that could be used to bake with.

I have some flour. But, that has been in my pantry for so long I am afraid there are likely bugs and god knows what else in there!

And, I do have some chocolate chips left over from a cheeseball thing I made over Christmas. (I can make things if I have to!)

I am just not one of those moms who gets any thrill from baking. I wish I was! I wish I enjoyed it, and could be making something fun and tasty every day.

Kitchen Aid Stand MixerBut – I don’t. I honestly don’t even know what I would do with one of those fancy mixers that just about every other mother I know either has or wants desperately.

Seriously, I would rather get a cool piece of software for my computer, or a neat little new techno gadget, than anything that would add a touch of excitement to my kitchen.

I feel sorry for my kids. When I do bake something, it is from a brownie or cake mix. Or my muffins – they are from a packet and all I have to do is add water….and maybe an egg or two.

Pilsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies My favorite cookies to bake are the pre-made and pre-cut Pilsbury chocolate chip cookies.

And cooking……I don’t mind cooking, to tell you the truth. In fact, I think it is something I could enjoy, but my kitchen is so small – and I have no counter space. So everything ends up in such a sad mess, that I just hate the thoughts of even starting anything.

I do make some fun meals for the kids most of the time. They even call many of my “dishes” famous. There is “Mom’s Famous Pizza”, and “Mom’s Famous Mush”, (hamburger with mushroom soup mixed in…), even a “Mom’s Famous Chicken Bake”.

I think they do that to give my confidence a boost, because even they must notice that their mom is just not as comfortable in the kitchen as most moms.

Small Kitchen
My uninspiring, tiny kitchen….

Maybe I just need a better kitchen!! Maybe then I will feel “inspired”!

Because honestly, I just don’t feel it now! And, when you are a stay at home mom, and you don’t bake all day or create amazing dishes….really, what the heck are you doing?  It is really embarrassing!!  Especially when your mother-in-law is a close second to Martha Stewart….

So, you likely won’t find many recipes on my site. The ones I put up will be the ones for moms like me – the simple and easy creations that anyone could do.

I won’t likely have amazing pictures of fancy dishes I have made. If I have managed to make something without a fire in my oven though, you can bet I will be taking pictures!!

Now that I have got that little secret off my chest, what could you offer that might be able to inspire me? Any recipes or baking ideas for moms like me? Tips or tricks to give me new ideas?

18 thoughts on “My Embarrassing Mom Confession….

  1. I feel the same way about cooking in general. I hate cooking. It isn’t that I am bad at it. Many people close to me think I am because I hate to do it, but I am actually a good cook. I just get no enjoyment out of it and dread doing it. That is why I decided to do freezer to crockpot meals. Less time in the kitchen is good in my book.


    1. I did some great freezer meals one time I found on Pinterest. I spent all day working on them. Then a couple days later, there was a recall on the ground beef and I had no idea if it was the stuff I had used, since I obviously didn’t have the dates left from the packaging!! So, they are actually still at the back of my freezer because I am scared to use them…..but I don’t want to throw them out after all that work LOL!!!


  2. I’m the most undomesticated person out there LOL. Sometimes, I look at recipes and realize I don’t even have some of the things necessary to cook. I have been looking on Pinterest for ideas to try. I actually did pretty good on our first Turkey on Christmas!


    1. I am constantly pinning things on Pinterest I want to try….but normally the same thing – don’t ever have the ingredients! Then, I will get inspired to try a recipe, and will go out to buy that ingredient I don’t have. Then, it sits in my pantry for months on end, often never to be used again!! I just made something this morning in the slow cooker that required cider vinegar. I had regular vinegar, so that is what I used. I have no idea what difference there will be – but guess I will find out in a few hours when we eat it!!


  3. I enjoy cooking, but never really liked, or at least never thought I liked baking until after I had my son. See, my mom never baked. She did not have a sweet tooth, and didn’t like us eating sweets, so she just rarely ever baked anything. So I grew up not baking either. I’m not the best baker, but am improving, though. But, not everybody needs to like to bake/cook, just because they’re a mother, imho.


    1. My mom wasn’t one who baked every day, but she did do some baking. Both my grandma’s were amazing bakers though. I wish so much I had inherited even some of that skill!!


    1. That’s what I keep telling myself. I have no control when it comes to food – so if there was always some delicious homemade treats here, I would hate to think what the outcome of that would be LOL!!


  4. My “true confession” is that I don’t like cooking with my kids, even though I “preach” that on my blogs as a fun family activity. Frankly, I’m always scared that my kids are going to chop off a finger or burn themselves. And the times we have had kitchen accidents like that, my husband and I were cooking or helping the kids. Ugh!


    1. I am the same way. My kids always want to help, and I try to encourage them and let them do what they can, but I am on pins and needles the whole time. Not to mention my OCD which normally kicks in and I have to try swallowing it to let the kids do things maybe less than the perfect way I might….(for example laying the pepperoni onto the pizza which I have a certain way they all should be laying….but that’s a story for another day:-)


    1. You are probably way better than you give yourself credit for! And really, I think that most kids just love anything that is homemade, so as long as you are trying and enjoy doing it, then I think that is great!


  5. Oh Marie, don’t feel bad about not enjoying baking or cooking. I haven’t always enjoyed it myself but I have to feed my family so I grew to love it more out of necessity. KWIM? I just posted some super easy cake mix cookies on my blog if you feel like making some Valentine’s cookies.🙂


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