Kids Can Argue About The Strangest Things….(And Why Mommy Drinks!)

This morning was another one of “those” mornings.

Kids ArguingYou know the ones…..the ones where everyone ends up going out the door with swollen eyes from crying, and no one is talking to anyone else.

I don’t even know what set things off today. I think someone may have looked at the other one in the wrong “tone”. Or, someone told on the other because of something they did.

I honestly don’t even know what sets it off most days. It isn’t every morning – oh, how I love those mornings when we are all happy, and no one has forgot to get me to sign something – everyone does what they need to do without needing to be reminded every 2 minutes….

But, on the mornings like this – which normally occur on Mondays, and at the end of the week when everyone is tired and ready for the weekend – it just sets the tone for the entire day.

By the time they come home, everyone will be happy again, and it will all be forgotten, but for that half an hour before we get out the door for school – it can be hell!!!

I get so frustrated sometimes when my kids argue about nothing. Seriously, thaty can just argue about the craziest things that just really don’t matter!

The worst one, that I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, was the time I heard them heatedly discussing when they were born.

They have obviously heard the childbirth stories from each of their births – where my oldest required forceps to deliver her after hours of pushing, while my youngest pretty much came out on her own.

So, what I heard, (and I will paraphrase here a bit because I am not sure of the exact details of the argument or how it started…) was:

Youngest: “I just slid out….mom didn’t end up having to be in pain for so long”

Oldest: “Well, you try being the first one to make the path! It wasn’t easy getting out the first time!”

Why mommy drinksSeriously. That was what they were arguing about!

And that is also why some days there is nothing I can do but shake my head, and sit down with a glass, (or bottle…), of wine and try to find a happy place.

They will be home from school soon….I better get my battle gear on:-)

What is the strangest thing you have heard your kids arguing about?

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