My Fitness Challenge

Get In Shape
Photo Credit: Ariel da Silva Parreira

Some friends and I decided to start our own version of fitness challenge – maybe not as strict as some others and not really following any kind of plan.

Just a basic everyone pitch in $20, we will do a first weigh in, and whoever loses the biggest percentage by the last weigh in (in 6 weeks), wins the money.

It is more of a “kick in the butt” kind of challenge for us to maybe give each other some motivation and a bit of support to try getting in a little better shape before the summer.

For me, I don’t really have a lot of weight to lose. When I had my reconstructive surgery after my mastectomy, I basically got a tummy tuck so they could use my stomach fat. Then, a year later I got to have some liposuction to try smoothing and evening out my stomach around the scar.

Now, it is just really my upper abdomen that I need to work on. And, I would like to lose a bit around my hips and on my sides.

My biggest thing I want to do is get in shape again. Before I was diagnosed, I had been working out a lot using Turbo Fire, (awesome, fun workout program that was really working!!), and I was losing weight and really getting into shape. In fact, I have no doubt that by getting into the shape I did before this happened, it helped me to recover and get through the surgeries and treatments way easier than it likely would have been otherwise.

So that’s what I want to do again. I want to get in shape – even try running. I am hoping maybe I could run the 5K in the annual CIBC Run for the Cure in October. I have walked the past couple years, because my daughters come around with me. But, maybe they are old enough now that they could train too and run with me….we will see.

All I know is that the minute I stepped off that scale this morning from our first weigh in, I have been STARVING! Like seriously – I am never hungry like this until I know I have to start being more careful about what I eat.

Wish me luck! Because I have a LOT of weaknesses when it comes to food. But, I am determined to work my butt off and get into shape. Any ideas of what work out programs have worked for you? Or, is there something you tried that helped to motivate you and get you exercising?

8 thoughts on “My Fitness Challenge

  1. Best of luck, Marie! I too am wanting to lose weight, but most of all I need to increase my energy and strength. I would also like to hear about any hints or programs that have worked for others. I know for me that my favourite fast paced music really motivates me to start, and keep going, with my exercises. I do a lot of random dancing to my music when no one is around and that is a great way to burn calories.


  2. It is so hard to get fit with family and works and stuff. If you still are hungry…. try reading some posts in Dr. Fuhrman has excellent ideas and if you eat Nutritarian you can fill up your tummy. I was so surprised at the amount of good soup and good salad I could eat once I added some of his healthy dressing recipes.

    Happy Mommying!



  3. Hello Marie, I wish you best luck as well. I’ve intention to lose extra weight from my body. Recently I’ve got fatness around my waist and you’ve inspired me through sharing my fitness challenge. Please let me know how is your progress of fitness so far. Thanks.


  4. Hi Marie.
    The key to exercising is finding something you enjoy. If you take up something you do not enjoy, you will find it very difficult to keep up for any length of time. If you are thinking of doing any kind of run, you need to build up to it gradually. Doing a 5K run in October sounds easily doable and will keep you focused on the training.


  5. I think it’s a great endeavor to stay fit and be healthy. I was also thinking of getting Turbo Fire to up my workout program because I always have the stubborn tummy. Glad to know it worked for you. Hope it can also work for me!


  6. Hello Marie, you and your friends indeed have come up with an amazing ideas!! I’m sure that plan certainly worked to achieve whatever you guys have planned to fulfill. You’re truly an awesome author and a great fitness pro. I really like your motivation purpose.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


  7. Hey Marie, you fitness challenge story is very inspiring. You’ll be pleased to learn that my friends also planned a similar campaign & I’m also taking part in it. I believe this type of challenging activity not only helps to refresh us, but also helps to gain great fitness quite easily.

    Please let me know what next fitness challenge you guys planning ahead!!


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