Time to meet the rest of my family….

Not only am I mom to 2 girls…I am also blessed with a dog, and two cats, who I truly believe think they own ME.

Jasper - Kids Pet Number 1
Jasper – always found in the strangest places….

I always had pets growing up, and I wanted my girls to have the chance to bond and take responsibility for a pet. So, the first one we got was our cat Jasper.

He has always walked around with the attitude that he runs the show here, and everyone should just bow down to him. But, he is a great cat, and the kids loved him immediately.

Then, about a year after getting him, I was sitting at the kitchen table and I heard some sad little meows coming from outside my door. I went and looked, and there were 2 tiny little black kittens sitting on my back step.

Since it was November, I am sure their mom was abandoning them knowing they wouldn’t survive the winter. I had seen her hanging around the house for awhile, and I like to believe that maybe she somehow knew I was a sucker and would look after them for her.

Midnight - Kids Pet Number 2
Midnight – the patience she shows some days is amazing….

So, they ended up in the house – and after having 3 cats running around for awhile, we decided to give the male cat to a friend and keep the pure black female one, who the kids decided to call Midnight.

We were a happy little cat family until this past summer when a friend of mine showed me pictures of puppies her sister’s dog had had.

I instantly fell in love with this little scruff of a puppy that I saw, so we ended up adding her to our family.

My little Maggie has been my shadow since the day we brought her home. She was a cute little fluff ball when she was a pup, but as she grew, her fur started to fall out and came back in…..well I don’t even know how to explain how it looks!

Maggie - Kids Pet Number 3
And my Maggie – the little fluffball when we got her…

Because of the mixed breeds of the parents, she has quite a unique look, to put it kindly. Everyone makes fun of my little girl, because she isn’t what you would consider the cutest dog in the world.

At least not to other people I mean. In my eyes, she is perfect.

Maggie Now - The Shadow
And Maggie now….she can’t even let me nap without being right on top of me!

However, I do get tired of the constant shadow sometimes. And I mean it is all the time, everywhere I go. If I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, she wakes up from a dead sleep, follows me in, lays at my feet until I finish, then follows me back into bed.

(Yes, I let her sleep in the bed with me. She is small, and having her beside me just makes me feel happy.)

The black cat sleeps with my oldest daughter, and Jasper sleeps with my youngest. So, we all have our bedtime companions.

It is amazing to me how these little pets can become such a huge part of our families. And, I think unless you have had a pet of your own, you couldn’t understand.

For me, it makes our house feel like home to have these little bits of fur under our feet.

Do you or your kids have any pets who have become a part of your family?

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