What Would You Do?

So, today is a SNOW DAY!!

We actually live right in town, and only the buses were cancelled – meaning the school was still open. But, I think every kid should be able to have a snow day!

I always let mine stay home when the buses aren’t running. Over half the kids in our school are brought in on buses, so all they end up doing is watching movies and doing nothing productive at all.

I figure we can do that just as well at home!

So while they are playing together in their rooms, I am sitting here thinking of some fun crafts or something we can do later. I think I will put them to work doing some kind of artwork for my laundry room that I am working on updating…..

Anyway! In the spirit of a fun day at home, I am doing something a little different today. (I have been thinking of doing a post like this for awhile, just for some fun, so figured today was as good a day as any!)

What Would You Do?

I want you to pretend that Oprah and Bill Gates suddenly woke up one day and decided they were done with being rich, and they both decided to give all of their money to you – to spend however you wanted!

Try to think of the top 5 things you would use that money for in each of the following categories:

  • Splurging on totally frivolous things for yourself. (Things you have always wanted but will never be likely to have unless this really happens…)
  • Frivolous things for your spouse and children. (If you have neither – you can skip this one! And, in this case, you have already paid off all of your bills and put money away for your kids education!)
  • Frivolous things for your home/yard. (You have already spent the money building your dream home or fixing up yours – what 5 frivolous things would you add into the home?)
  • Friends and Family. (In this case, you have already given them each a lump sum of money. What else would you be willing to do for them?)
  • Your community. (Pretend here that you don’t have to worry about any red tape or any laws governing how things happen….just dream about what you would do if there was absolutely nothing to stop you).
  • Your country/world. (The same for this one – nothing stopping you but your imagination!)

OK – here are mine:

  1. A 1969 Shelby Mustang
  2. 365 purses – one for each day of the year
  3. Top of the line Mac computer
  4. A bookstore. (Yes, I love books that much – and just love being in among them! If I had my own bookstore, I could be there all the time:-)
  5. A completely new wardrobe – covering all seasons.
  • What would I do?  Go to Disneyland!
    Photo Credit: Kelsi H

    Frivolous things for my spouse and children –

  1. A new 4 door truck
  2. A brand new camper with lots of slideouts and room for kids to bring their friends camping with them
  3. New wardrobes to get them all through the next 10 years
  4. A trip to Disneyland
  5. A new semi brought over from England that my husband has always wanted
  • Frivolous things for my home/yard – 
  1. An office. This is my dream – to have a dedicated office space, with a nice big window to look out. I would have a comfy chair, and a huge desk to keep everything organized.
  2. A year round sun room. I love having lots of windows and would love a sun room.
  3. Window seats in each of my girls rooms with a little area just for them to sit and read or relax.
  4. A huge entertaining area in my backyard – with fire pit, covered area for when it rains, huge table and patio furniture to just sit around and enjoy happy hour on a Friday evening:-) And, a porch swing!
  5. A little corner of my yard, surrounded by trees, with hammocks for each of us.
  • New machinery for my brothers!
    My brothers in the field

    Friends and Family –

  1. Pay off all of their bills. The money I have already given them is to be spent frivolously.
  2. Buy my dad and brothers all new farm machinery and more grain bins.
  3. Help get as many friends and family as are interested set up so that they can eventually be working from home – without the worry.
  4. Take everyone on a trip to Ireland, Scotland, England – the works!
  5. New campers for everyone so we can go on fun vacations together!
  • My community –
  1. New playgrounds at the elementary school – complete with playstructures, outdoor arena, natural play areas – all the things we have been working so hard doing fundraising for the past few years
  2. New hockey rink. Not the bohemath rec center that our Mayor and a few other big players in our community think we can afford. (We are a very small community, and have businesses closing their doors left and right – but they think we need a multi-million dollar rec center to bring people to town!)
  3. Build the new hospital that they are trying to get going between our town and a neighboring community before we lose all of our emergency services and everything else.
  4. Fix up the beach area and put in a waterpark for the kids.
  5. Pay off all mortgages or buy buildings that small businesses are renting and give them to the business owners to try keep these businesses open.
  1. There would never be another homeless animal, or one put to sleep because there is no more room to keep them. There would be animal shelters everywhere, fully staffed 24 hours a day, so that even the animals who don’t find their forever homes would have a home at the shelter. And the shelter would be set up with everything they would need to make it feel like a home – lots of room to play, comfy beds…..
  2. More homeless shelters all over the world, where people can go and get fed, sleep, and have access to resources to get them back on their feet. They would all be able to work at the shelters to earn a living, as well as the animal shelters mentioned above. They would be able to receive the same options as those who are in prisons. (I have never thought it was right that criminals have access to education, health care and so much else when there are people struggling out there every day who could use the same help!)
  3. A fund set up for people with cancer and other conditions that require them to need surgery and have help from others for a long time to pay all of their bills during these months. The person and their families wouldn’t need to have the extra worry of how they would pay their bills when needing to be off work for so long.
  4. Build children’s hospitals all over that have specialized doctors and researchers to help kids even in the smaller areas.
  5. More operating rooms in all hospitals so that the waiting lists for life saving surgeries is not so long.

Obviously, there is lots more I would do, and I am sure some of the things I have aspired to do with the money wouldn’t be possible even with all the money from Oprah and Bill combined!

But, as I said, it is just a fun little exercise to see what you would do if there really was no limit to your money.

I actually had a bit of a harder time trying to come up with the 5 things for myself than I did for any of the others! I guess we are always told to think of others first, and not to spend money wastefully on ourselves – so it is actually a little harder than you might think!

So – now it’s your turn!!

What would you do?

I would love if you wanted to do a post of your own, and link back to me! Leave the link in the comments below so we can all go around and read what everyone else would do with all of that money!!!

Or, if you don’t have a blog of your own – just leave your list in the comments!

I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

One thought on “What Would You Do?

  1. If I had unlimited funds I would sell everything I own, pack a couple backpacks and become a nomad. I would travel spend the rest of my life exploring the world. ahh…..it’s nice to dream…


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