Safety Online – Not All Website Owners Are Malicious

Today I am doing a quick post – although I do promise I am still here and working on my camper reno updates, (which is all done finally!), which will be going up over the next few days.

But today I just wanted to quickly get a post up here to ease any worries my readers or subscribers may have regarding my website.

A couple of weeks ago, my site was hacked, and you may have received a warning saying that there was Malware hosted on my site, or that it was an attack site etc.  My site was actually fine, it had to do with an ad that was running on my site – in which apparently THAT site had been hacked and was sending bad code to those of us hosting the ad.  There was never anything infected on my site, but I had to get the ad down and then get Google to check it over to make sure it was clean.

So, if you saw that when you visited, I apologize for your concern, and I would hope in the future you would not be afraid to let me know you saw it!  Sites are being hacked every single day, and a lot of the time, when you see something like that, the site owner likely has no idea that is even happening.  Yes, there are many malicious sites out there who host these viruses and automatic downloads – but most of us smaller fish in the internet sea aren’t doing that.  So if you see something out of the ordinary, please let the site owner know somehow!

Verify A Website Is Malware Free & Clean

In the meantime, I have verified with Google that my site is clean.  I have also gone to a couple of sites that I would suggest you use if you are ever browsing and aren’t sure about the safety of certain websites.  They scan the site for malware, spyware, viruses and anything else that could be harmful to your computer.

The first one is

Just type in the website address and you will get the results.  I did mine today after receiving an email from an irate subscriber saying her computer had been infected after trying to download some of my printables.  Here are the results:

Scan Website For Malware

I thought, “well, I better check another one just to be sure”.  So, the other one I tried was

Here are the results from that one:

Scan Website For Malware Online
Basically, these sites say that my site is clean of anything malicious that could infect your computer.

I know that every tool like this can miss things and nothing is fullproof.  But, I am pretty confident that my site is clean.  Google had to run a check after that last issue – and I have Google analytics and tools hooked up monitoring my site all the time.  I am notified as soon as something is out of the ordinary, as I was last time, and they are constantly checking for problems.  And I am sure that their technology for checking these things out is more than likely of high standards as they don’t want their users being infected.

So, combined with these two tools I used to check, I hope that all of my readers are safe in the knowledge that I am always trying to stay on top of things to make sure my site is safe.

Remember That We Are Human Too!

With this in mind, please remember that we are all humans – even though you don’t see us and will never see us face to face – and we are just doing something we enjoy hoping to bring entertainment into the lives of those who stumble upon our little corner of the web.

Not everyone online is trying to infect your computers with garbage, spyware and other crap.  Most of us are doing our best to bring our readers something they can enjoy, without any malicious intent whatsoever.

But, sometimes people DO hack our websites.  And unfortunately, once you start to pick up traffic as mine has been doing, you tend to be targetted a bit more.

I offer a lot of downloads, that I am making available to my readers and subscribers free of charge.  I try to offer things I know other people can use and enjoy.  I do this simply because I want to give the people who take the time to visit my blog something to say thank you.

However, I would NEVER intentionally put something on here that would harm your computer.  That is just not the kind of person I am.  If you do get something from being on my site, PLEASE let me know so I can try to fix things on my end.  

When you are surfing around online, always try to remember that there is a real person behind the site before you accuse them of doing something malicious.  And, maybe a politely worded email or message saying that there might be something infecting their site that they should check out, would solve your problem just as quickly as an email that may not be as politely worded as you might have been in person – and not sitting behind your computer.

So in conclusion, I hope that my readers and subscribers have never got anything malicious downloaded to their computers after being on my site or downloading anything.  If you believe you have, please let me know!  I assure you, I would never put something like that intentionally on my site.  I appreciate my readers, and my subscribers, and I would hate to think anyone had got something awful from being on my site!

And to those of you who take the time to let me know that I am doing a good job, or that you enjoy reading my blog – thank you.  Sometimes it can take 100 good emails to make you stop feeling horrible about the one that made you feel really bad:-)

2 thoughts on “Safety Online – Not All Website Owners Are Malicious

  1. I received your email and I certainly agree with you about those who write comments with really hurtful things in them and those who simply take advantage of a blogger for some single item and then try to unsubscribe with false reasons that make the logger look shady! I am sorry that this happened to you. I have been planning to put together a “homemaking Notebook” and saw some ideas that you had and someone had included in a pinterest pin. If I downloaded anything, ( and my memory of yesterday fails me🙂 ) I was mostly downloading as .pdf files for later perusal for detail and useability for me. I have found a lot of neat ideas but will probably end up putting two or three ideas together to make a page for myself. I have no children or grandchildren at home any longer, but I have an “adopted” daughter who lives with me and has 4 grandchildren and one of them lives with us most of the time. My biological children and grandchildren are all out on their own, but live nearby. I have enjoyed reading your ideas and can only say, Keep up the good work. If I think of an area to suggest, I will pass it on later. If you want to send out emails weekly that is fine with me. Whatever works best for you is fine with me. I do enjoy them!


  2. Thank you Marie! Don’t beat yourself up about it- honestly! We’re all adults, we’re all supposed to act like adults, and we’re all supposed to know that downloading ANYTHING from ANYWHERE includes a risk, even when we know and trust the site we’re downloading from. I act like an adult, and I expect other people to do the same. Acting like an adult means that one has to take responsibility for their own actions. Besides, doesn’t everyone know to actually run their own antivirus software once in a while??? EVEN if something came through from your site (which, statistically, is unlikely given the results of the scans you completed), you did not do anything wrong. You offer freebies because you’re an awesome person. You’re sharing a little piece of your happiness with the rest of us, and we’re grateful! Don’t let one poopy-head ruin a good thing– especially when that good thing is YOUR SPIRIT, which you so generously share with your readers.


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