Giani Nuvo Cabinet Paint Review

**I received no compensation for this post other than the paint used to do the cabinets in my motorhome renovation.  All opinions are my own honest conclusions based on my own experience with the Nuvo Cabinet Paint.

In my series of posts about my camper renovation, (Motorhome Renovation Part One & Motorhome Renovation Part 2), I have mentioned that I wanted to paint the wooden cabinets in the camper white.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this, because most of the camper was this oak color wood, (well that fake wood stuff that is shiny and which I knew wouldn’t cover very easily), and I knew it was going to take a whole lot of sanding and prepping, which I was really hoping I could avoid somehow.

Nuvo Cabinet Paint ReviewSo I researched online, and found a cabinet paint that looked like it would be perfect – no sanding required, and it looked like it did a really good job of covering up wood colored cabinets.

The paint was called Nuvo Cabinet Paint.  I saw that the company did both cabinet paint, and a really cool looking countertop paint that gave a look of granite.  Since I knew I was also going to want to do the countertops if I did paint the cabinets white, (because they were an off-white color and it would have looked awful!), I decided to contact them to see what they could send me to try.

Nuvo Cabinet Paint ReviewNow, I should mention that I live in Canada, but I received the paint delivered to my door within a week, which I thought was pretty amazing!

When I opened the box, I felt just like a kid at Christmas!!  I had chose to use the Bombay Black for the countertops, (which I will be doing a seperate review of in another post…), and the Titanium Infusion (white) for the cabinets.

Nuvo Cabinet Paint ReviewEach box of cabinet paint comes with the can of paint, a small paint roller handle with 2 sponge rollers, a paint stirrer, a small brush and an instructional DVD showing you exactly how to use the paint.

The white cabinet paint covered 100 sq feet per can, and I got 2 cans just because I knew there was ALOT of wood to cover up.  And, another great thing about this paint is how affordable it is – you can redo your entire kitchen for less than what you likely spend on groceries in a week!!

The manufacturer of the cabinet paint said that there was no sanding required, or primer needed, so this was a huge selling point for me.

I will admit I was pretty nervous doing the first coat – it is a big committment once you start, you have to finish all of it, so it was kind of scary….

Nuvo Cabinet Paint ReviewI did take the cabinet doors off because I had thought of perhaps painting the backs of the doors as well as the hinges – although I didn’t end up doing the backs of the doors just because I was running out of time and just couldn’t be bothered.  Plus, I thought it would be easier to paint the doors laying out on the floor of the shop instead of being crammed in the camper.

The first coat seemed to take forever.  In a regular kitchen, it would likely go way faster, as there isn’t so much of the wood stuff in a small space, requiring a whole lot of cutting in and getting into every little nook and cranny.

One thing I did find was that the small cabinet doors and tight spots required me to use the brush a lot – not being able to get the roller in real well, at least for the first coat.  But, I guess because the cabinet doors were such a shiny fake kind of wood, I would recommend actually using a small foam brush instead of the regular brush they sent if you are doing camper doors.  I think on kitchen cabinets, you would be able to use the roller a lot more because they are obviously larger.  I found that the first coat didn’t cover real well where the brush was used – I was able to see the stroke marks.

Because of this, and likely because I was scared to use too much paint on the first coat in case I ran out, I actually ended up doing 3 coats just because I could still see the brush marks.  Next time, I would just use a foam brush for the corners and creases – and the roller on the bigger areas.

In the end, the cabinet doors and all of the areas I covered up looked amazing.  And, we have been camping a few times now – and my camper always seems to be the “go-to” camper for all of the kids, (including a 2 year old nephew and a 2 year old niece!), and the paint has held up to everything.  It has had things bumping it as the camper is packed with bikes, propane tanks, lawn chairs and a million other things.  It still looks like it did when it was first painted.

Nuvo Cabinet Paint ReviewNuvo Cabinet Paint ReviewNuvo Cabinet Paint ReviewYou will have to wait until the final post to see all of the pictures of the paint – but let me tell you that I am thrilled with how it looks.  It covered all of the awful looking wood, and now when I go into my camper I feel like it is just so much cleaner and bigger.

So – what is my final opinion of the Nuvo cabinet paint?

I love it.

And, I know everyone that has been in my camper loves how they turned out.

I have plans on doing my kitchen within the next couple years in my house, and I will without a doubt be using this paint to do them.

Nuvo cabinet paint gets my 2 thumbs up!!

Take a look at the Giani Nuvo website and look at the different colors they have to choose from.

Have you been thinking of doing your kitchen cabinets but have been too scared to take on a job like this?  Let me know below and I can try answering any questions you might have!

8 thoughts on “Giani Nuvo Cabinet Paint Review

  1. Hi,
    I am about to remodel a 1992 fifth wheel, and I have a ton of that hideous brass trim in the cabinets. I see that yours had this as well. Did you just leave it in the cabinet doors and paint over it?


    1. Yes, I did just paint over everything – including that brass that seems to be in so many campers! I will never understand why they choose some of the trim options they do in campers…and that brass look just makes everything look so dated! It painted over really well, and you can’t even tell there was even any brass there. Let me know how your reno goes! I love hearing other people’s stories of renovations:)


  2. You did great dear by making your old stuff look like brand new with paint and a lot of hard work and time. I believe females are better interior designers than males and I see it daily everywhere. Last year I was at my friend’s place for 2 days and I was impressed by all the design in his home and I discovered all the planning was his wife’s so I was kind of jealous too being male but that fact is fact.
    anyhow I will be following your workings a lot in future. thanks


  3. I liked this blog post. Firstly I would have never thought of painting the cabinets white without sanding. Many people will just forget about the idea that the whole things first needs to be prepared by scarping out the old paint and go about doing all the preparation for white painting the cabinets. But thanks that you did all the research in finding out that particular paint (nuvo). Your work is quite impressive🙂


  4. The Oak cabinets probably looked good when new. The problem is they “patina,” a term we use in the wood flooring industry. The sun hits the cabinets and after a few years they start to turn orange. The same thing happens to wood floor finish. I am a huge fan of white cabinets. But I don’t recommend painting your hardwood floors white. Try a water based finish.


  5. Hi! I just went to the Nuvo Paint site and now they say you must sand your cabinets. Was wondering if there’s something different with this newer paint? what’s your thoughts on this? THANKS! Sure enjoy your blog!


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