My Motorhome Reno – After Pictures

Motorhome Renovation - Before & AfterWell, today is the day I will reveal the final pictures of how the motorhome reno turned out.

The past few days I have been posting about the reno, and reviewed some of the products I used for painting the cabinets and countertops.  It was a huge project, and it took us about 5 weeks to complete.  My husband is a truck driver, so was only able to work on the weekends on it – and that was working from early morning until dark Saturdays and Sundays.  I was going out during the week a lot to do all the painting and other things I could do.

In the end, it turned out to be a way bigger project than we had anticipated, but oh man – am I proud of how it turned out!  There are some things I wish could have turned out better – like the black tape sealing the front of the camper that looks like we have duct taped the whole thing back together.

And, there are still some things we need to work on – like some of the plumbing etc.

But, I love it.  I loved the layout of the camper when I first saw it because it had a nice little spot for my girls.  And, that’s what I wanted.

I knew as soon as I saw it all of the different things I wanted to do to it, and for the most part, it has turned out as I had imagined it.  Some of my ideas got “bumped” by others who didn’t agree with my vision, (like the color scheme I had really wanted and a couple of the fabrics…..).

So, here are the finished pictures…….

The first thing you see when coming in the camper – the new floors which replaced the old, filthy off-white carpet….

Motorhome Renovation - Before & After FloorMy kitchen area.  We redid the countertops, (with countertop paint – reviewed here…), painted the cabinets, (paint review here…), spray painted the range hood, stove top and oven door black, put up peel & stick tiles, (which I think look amazing!!!) – and added some cool accessories:-)  My dog Maggie was so excited when it was finally finished, she had to have a nap on the back of the couch……Motorhome Renovation - Before & After Kitchen

Here is a picture standing on the other side of the kitchen cabinets looking towards the back of the camper.  I painted the entire doorway area with the white cabinet paint, since it was all wood veneer.  We took the mirror down coming in the doorway and I stapled up some of the cork board I had got at Michael’s.  We framed around it with wood, which I painted white, then I put up my picture I had found at Target that says, “Friends Gather Here“.  This is one of my favorite things of the whole reno.  Now I have a bunch of pictures of family and friends pinned up to see right when you come in the door.  I also use it to pin up campground receipts and other important papers.

We also removed the cabinet you can see above the fridge just inside the door as well.  We already had quite a bit of storage in there, and it looked like it had been an add-on anyway since there was a counter under it.  I wanted a place to set our ipod speakers and charging station, so this was the perfect spot.

Motorhome Renovation - Before & After Looking to Back of CamperHere are the couch and chairs – we took it all apart and did new fabrics which look WAY better than the dirty pink!!  My mother-in-law came to my rescue and did the chair slipcovers because I was in way over my head!!  Plus, I was at the end of my patience with the whole sewing thing so…..

Motorhome Renovation - Before & After CouchMotorhome Renovation - Before & After ChairsHere is a picture looking towards the front of the camper – where my bed is.  This was the bunk that we had to totally rebuild, (which I show pictures of in the first post…..)

We haven’t redone the cab area – maybe someday – but for now, I have made a big thick curtain which we hang up so you don’t even see the cab while you are camping.

Motorhome Renovation - Before & After BunkAnother favorite thing of my reno is the cork board cabinet doors.  I wasn’t sure what to do with the glass door fronts – I just really didn’t like them.  I am so glad with how these turned out.  I made up a print (which I will put up at the end of this post so if anyone else wants to use it for any of their own projects, you are welcome to it!), saying “Every summer has it’s own story..” and pinned it onto the middle cabinet door.  Then, I have added a few pictures of past summers on the other 2 doors.  This way I can change them whenever I want!

Motorhome Renovation - Before & After Cork CupboardsThe kids room turned out AMAZING – and I always have all the kids in the campgrounds in my camper hanging out back there.  I just bought a couple of curtain panels, cut them to fit 2 windows and sewed them up.  Everyone comments on the bright pink, sparkly curtains hanging in the back windows of the camper!!

The chalkboard painted cabinet door has been so fun for everyone who comes in – (you will notice that Marie rocks…..and Sara rocks etc….).  Kids love writing on the chalkboard, and it was so easy to do!  I just bought a can of spray chalkboard paint and taped off the edges.  Took me an afternoon of spraying a couple of times and then hanging the door.

The mattresses looked kind of grungy when we got the camper, so I wasn’t prepared to reuse them.  They looked like maybe they had some water damage – and I just didn’t want my kids sleeping on them.  But, since the beds are a weird size, you can’t just buy new ones – they would have to be specially made.  That wasn’t in the budget this year, so my mother-in-law sewed up big pillowcases and we put in feather bed toppers, (we each had one) and a couple of layers of foam mattress covers I picked up at Target.  They are actually really comfy soft beds, so that worked out great.

Motorhome Renovation - Before & After Chalkboard CupboardMotorhome Renovation - Before & After Kids BedsThe bathroom was completely redone as well.  We took the toilet out to get the carpet out and put the new flooring down.  I spray painted it white, because it was an old, tired, yellow color.  I also painted the sink white, which was a bit more tricky since I couldn’t take it out.  I did the cabinets white, the same as the rest of the camper, and redid the countertops with the granite countertop paint.  It looks SO much fresher in there!

I painted the walls the same light yellow color as the rest of the camper, but some of it didn’t stick to the walls very well.  But, it looks better than it did!  Then, because some of the paint was coming off around the mirror, I decided to put some peel & stick tiles around the vanity – the same as I had done in the kitchen area.  However, these didn’t want to stick very well either, so after our first camping trip, I had to re-stick them with contact cement.

Motorhome Renovation - Before & After Bathroom


Here is just a look at a couple of things a bit closer up – like the cork board and sign at the doorway, coming into the camper, the top cabinet we took out for the ipod charging station – and the center folding table that I had also painted with the granite countertop paint.  We have a bit of a flip-flop theme going – I made a sign up to cover up some holes in the wall and found a little can to put keys etc. into with flip-flops on it.  We also got a really cool welcome mat for the front door with flip-flops on it, but for some reason I forgot to take a picture of it!!

Motorhome Renovation - Before & After ExtrasAll in all, I had fun doing this project.  Everything turned out so nice, and this motorhome is really something unique.  I know there is no one out there with anything the same as mine, and the girls LOVE it – so that’s what matters to me.

Would I do it again?  Yep – I love doing things like this…..coming up with ideas and trying them out to see if they work.  Making something “yours”, and just taking something old and run-down and making it into something wonderful.

**If you missed any of the before posts, you can read them here:

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**If you would like to use any of the pictures I used in my camper, just right click on them below and “Save image as…” onto your computer.

Every Summer Has Its Own Story PrintableLife Is Better In Flip-Flops Printable




15 thoughts on “My Motorhome Reno – After Pictures

  1. Wow nicely done Marie. I love the chalkboard (of course Marie rocks, no surprise) and everything looks awesome. This was such a massive project – way to kick butt!! 🙂


  2. Amazing job. My husband and I were talking about getting a motor home for a vacation next summer. What a great winter project it would be to renovate. Thanks.


  3. You did a great job and the white looks great. Adding handles made a nice difference. I am wondering after all this time has passed, how is your kitchen paint holding up? I’m interested in how well the bath did also. Getting a small Airstream this weekend and ready to go to work.


  4. Wow…. Great work and thank you very much for posting. My father owns an old moter home, I would love to refinish and open open some of those spaces. Maybe one I will post some refinished work of my own. Once again thank you for posting, great content. Thank U


  5. Totally Awesome job with the RV! I can appreciate the work that goes into a project like that, as I my self renovated a living quarters horse trailer. When finished it rivaled the inside of some pretty spendy Motor homes. Thanks for the article, I really enjoyed reading it.


  6. Nicely done Marie!
    I guess it’s just about time to start my own project with our RV. I was kinda delaying it but now I feel that it will be a great experience. I just hope I can get it done in 5 weekends like you.


  7. Wow. Great work indeed! I wish I had the time to work on my RV and make upgrades to it similiar to what you have done. Maybe when I retire. Great work and thanks for the insipration!



  8. Your motorhome turned out beautiful and it looks like it was a really fun project. My dad was thinking about remodeling his motorhome so I’ll have to show him some of your creative ideas. I love how you made the cabinet doors cork board…very fun and innovative! Every summer definitely does have its own story so its a good thing you can change the photos whenever you want. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Great job on the renovation looks great! Love how the kitchen turned out! The color choice’s are perfect really brightens up the place. This is a job well done especially that its an RV, Happy trailing!


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