Help Me Share Some Christmas Spirit

Today I want to write a post that I hope will inspire even a few of you to help make someone’s Christmas a little more special – and it won’t cost you any more than the cost of a stamp.

I was on Facebook earlier, and a friend of mine posted a link to an article about a man who was trying to get Christmas cards sent to a nursing home where his parents had recently had to move into.  Apparently, Christmas was always a big deal for his mom, and now they both suffered from dementia, so had to be moved into a long term care facility.  It was a great story, and it got me thinking…….

Spread Some Christmas SpiritI decided, as a way to honor my grandma who passed away just a couple of weeks ago, I would try getting as many people as possible to send cards to the long term care facilities in their communities or areas where they live.

One or two simple little Christmas cards, addressed simply to the “Residents of …….” – to show some Christmas spirit to some of our elderly neighbors who are living in these facilities.  Some of them may be feeling lonely, many are likely recalling happy memories of Christmases past where they received cards and letters from loved ones.

I posted this idea on Facebook, and sadly – while a lot of people said it was a great idea, and a few said they would send a card, no one bothered to share it to try help getting it out in front of more people.  And, while I am sure a few will send cards, I am also pretty sure some will forget or not be bothered after the initial idea struck them.

I tried to make it even easier for the ones around here by posting the mailing addresses for some of the facilities in surrounding communities.  Took one simple phone call to get a box number.  City facilities likely only need to be looked up in the phone books for mailing addresses.  It only takes about 30 seconds.  Add on another minute to take a card out and write on it.  Then, a few more seconds to stick a stamp on it and put it in the mail.

But, those 2 minutes could make someone’s Christmas a whole lot brighter.

I have got my kids on board with this idea and they think it is wonderful.  They have signed their cards to mail.  And, I know that they understand how much something like this would mean to some of the people in these facilities.  They spent a lot of time in the care home here when my grandma was living there, and the residents loved seeing them come in.  My kids saw how much a simple thing like this means to them.

For a lot of them, these will be one of the few, if not the only, Christmas cards they will get.

So – here is my challenge, my hope, my wish for everyone reading this.  Take a couple of minutes while you are writing out your cards, and address one to the residents of one or 2 personal care homes near where you live.  Just one card to the residents of the facilities.  Hopefully, the staff will gather some of them around to open the cards as they arrive each day.  The cards can be hung up in a common area for them all to see and enjoy – and remind them that Christmas spirit is still alive.

I would love to find out that even a few care facilities were completely covered in Christmas cards sent from people all over.  And, I hope everyone who does it does it again next year, and the year after……

When making your Christmas mailing list adding on a couple extra cards for these residents wouldn’t be much of a hardship for anyone – but would mean the world to the people receiving them.

Now, I am asking you to please share this all over.  Get everyone you know to send cards to the facilities in their communities too.  Instead of sharing the pictures of the grumpy cats, recipes no one will ever actually try, the videos of people doing stupid things – take just a minute and help me to get some cards sent to as many long term care facilities as we can.

I live in a pretty small town, so I know it isn’t likely there will be a ton of cards sent – even if everyone on my personal Facebook friends list did send one….but even if we can get a few sent to many different facilities, it would be awesome!

I want to do this for my grandma who always made Christmas so special for me when I was a kid – and because this will be my first Christmas without her.  I would like to think that someone else’s grandma might have a happier Christmas after getting some cards sent showing how much people still care.

Share it on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter – wherever you can.  Help me to show my kids the importance of thinking of others less fortunate at Christmas and always.  While we are all going on with our shopping, our parties, our family gatherings over the holidays, remember that there are people who would love to be able to do all of these things again like they used to.

**If anyone would like to send one to the care home my grandma lived in, that would be even more amazing!  I got to know so many of the residents, and I know how much they would love it!  The mailing address would be:  Minnedosa Personal Care Home  Box 960  Minnedosa, MB   R0J 1E0   CANADA

Thanks – and if you are taking part, go ahead and post your comment below!!

4 thoughts on “Help Me Share Some Christmas Spirit

  1. Just wanted you to know I just went through the very same thing over the past few months. My grandmother passed last week and her funeral was yesterday. I wanted to say I’m sorry, and (((((hugs)))))!!


    1. I’m so sorry Debbie – there aren’t words in the English language to explain how much a grandma means to someone. Sorry you have to go through this at Christmas too – I know it would never be easy, but Christmas just makes it so much harder. Sending some hugs back your way…..and I do hope you have a good Christmas too!!!


  2. First, I would like to offer my sympathy on the loss of your grandmother. I also wanted to let you know that I accepted your challenge, posted it on Facebook, and invited my grandson’s class and others at his school to participate…..we now have 167 cards that we will hand deliver tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for the beautiful idea. Peace and blessings to you and your family. Linda


    1. Linda – you have just made my day!! I am so happy to hear about you doing this! I think it is just absolutely wonderful that you are hand delivering all of those cards – if you have some time, pop back and let me know how it went. I know for a fact there will be some pretty happy faces when they see what you have done. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas – you can be glad to know you have shown a whole lot of people what it really is all about.


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