My Oak Dining Room Table Makeover

Oak Dining Room Table MakeoverAfter doing all of my “practice” furniture pieces with the chalk paint, I decided I was ready to do the big project I had been wanting to do all along – my oak dining room table.

Painting Furniture - Oak Table Makeover My house has golden oak hardwood floors, I have 2 china cabinets in the dining room that are oak – and my table and chairs were…yep, you guessed it! Golden Oak!

It was getting to the point I didn’t even want to be in that room because I felt like it was all just one big piece of golden oak hell!

I had been on Pinterest, and saw many ideas I liked.  I decided I wanted to do the base white – and while I desperately wanted to do the chairs a teal color, my family didn’t seem as excited about it…(well, my daughters were OK with it – but my husband not so much).  I decided to just go with a very muted blue color, since I already had my red coffee bar, and knew I was painting the walls a brighter color.  I was hoping to get a bit of an old farmhouse look.

The first thing I did, was get my little palm sander out and started to try sanding down the top of the table, since I was planning on staining it.

Oh man, did I ever underestimate the work involved in that!!

After crying on the phone to my husband about how I had sanded and wiped off about 300 times by now, (bit of an exaggeration, since it was still only about 9:30 in the morning at this point…), he told me to take the table apart and go outside with it.  He told me where his big orbital sander was, and mentioned that there was no way I would ever get it done with my little hand sander.

(I was ready to get outside anyway because the fumes from the sanding already were making me loopy!!)

I rolled the table top outside, and laid it on the ground.  I got down with the bigger sander,
and put my whole weight into it – and was able to finish it up after about 4 more complete passes on the table.  I was having to wipe it down each time to see if there was still original varnish on it, and it was hard to tell when it was covered in sanding dust.

Anyway – I was finally ready, so I wiped it all down really, really well because I knew this was a huge deal to be doing the top of the table that would be used every single day!

Once it was ready, I got the stain and a foam brush out and just started putting the stain on.

I would do a small area, then wipe it off with a painters cloth.  I bought a bag of lint free
cloths to use so nothing would stick to the stain.  I made sure to do really carefully around the edges of the table, so there were no drips, and that all of the grooves and edges were

I did 2 complete coats of the stain – and I loved how it looked!

In between the staining, I had also carried all of the chairs outside.  I lined them up on some cardboard and spray painted them with a white primer.  I just wanted to be sure they were going to hold the paint really well because these are our every day chairs and would be up against a lot of wear and tear.  Also, I wasn’t prepared to try sanding them with all of the little nooks and crannies – and it was such a shiny top coating on them, I just didn’t know how the paint would do.

Painting Furniture - Oak Table Makeover I managed to also get the first coat of paint on the chairs while I had them outside the first day.  These chairs were, without a doubt, the MOST tedious project I have done so far!!  If I did it again, I would look for spray paint and just forget about doing the chalk paint on them.  I would have searched until I found a really good primer, and a color I liked, and I would spray paint them.  By the time I had given them 2 coats of paint, then 3 coats of Polycrylic , I was so sick of seeing those chairs!!!  Way too many little areas to get into, and doing the legs and the rungs……let me just assure you, it isn’t fun!!

After the stain had dried on the table top, I put 3 coats of Polyurethane on it.  (Yep, the
Polyurethane that had wrecked my filing cabinet!)  I chose to use it because it was apparently a heavier duty product, and I knew it wouldn’t be able to discolor the stain.

Painting Furniture - Oak Table Makeover

Meanwhile, while each coat of the Polyurethane was drying, I was starting to paint the edge around the table top and the pedestal base in a white chalk paint.

Painting Furniture - Oak Table Makeover I did 2 coats, then distressed it all.  I even got into the little ridge that runs around the table top.  I distressed the base along edges, and just gave it an overall “aged” look.

I didn’t use glaze or anything on this – just sanded then covered with Polycrylic.  (I did 3 coats – again just to be extra sure it would stand up to my family!)

I have received so many compliments on this table, and I am just so happy with how it turned out.  Instead of having to go out and buy a new set, I was able to revive my old golden oak table that looked like it was near the end of its life……

We have already spent some great times sitting around our “new” table….having meals, playing games, doing homework – it really is the heart of the home!

Painting Furniture - Oak Table Makeover

**Do you want to see some of my other projects I have done recently?  Click here to see the bookshelf I painted with chalk paint, and here for my coffee bar, desk, filing cabinet and storage unit.

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